As you may know Fiber Follies has made lapghans, hats, and scarves for Redemptrist Senior Center, World War 1 Museum, ScrapsKC, and red hats for babies.  This year we had a request to make hats, scarves, cowls, and headbands and hang them on the fence at Browne’s Irish Market.  We have been given many skeins of yarn for these items.  If you would like to help in this endeavor you can join us the first Monday of the month when we dedicate the session to Charity or pick up some yarn and work on your own. We only use acrylic as it never dies and is easy to take care of.  As of June 30 we have these items completed.  Our goal is 100 hats and we have at least 40 completed.

As of September 30 we have 62 hats, 4 headbands, 13 cowls, and 11 scarves.  Great job everyone.  Can we meet our goal of 100 hats?

As of November 17 2019 we have 73 hats, 7 headbands, 16 cowls, 14 scarves, and 1 pair fingerless gloves.