Have you been to ScrapsKC?  If not, you should get there soon. We bought a lot of yarn here for our Yarn Bomb.  I also get a lot of yarn for our charity projects here as well.   Imagine all those craft supplies and school supplies you have in your house, what do you do with them?  Don’t throw them away take them to Scraps.  They will clean them up and put them out for sale.  They are pretty cheap and every day there are new items that go out for sale.  If you see something you want you better get it then because it won’t be there the next day.  You can get skeins of yarn for $2, fabric is $1 a yard, need a notebook?  Yesterday Sandy and I spent the evening there sorting notions.  There was 46 of us working in the fabric/notions area.  I forget how many pounds of fabric they had to sort through but it all got done last night.  46 of us working 4 hours saved them 6 weeks of work.  Scraps supports the homeless in town, and allows teachers to come get school supplies for a very discounted price. They do have classes and if you look at their Facebook page or website, they do all kinds of events for the community.  If you have some spare time go spend a couple hours working there and go home with some new treasures.  (If you work you get 20% off the treasures you take home.)  When we got there last night these shelves were pretty empty and 4 hours later and lots of fun and lots of oh look at this or I remember this as a kid they were ready for pricing and putting out for sale.  4 of use spent 3 hours doing this.  And yes I did take home some treasures.