And for those who have some skill with an instrument, but who don’t really know the tunes or are unsure of session etiquette, we have Session Fundamentals.

Class is every Monday evening from 6:30-8pm. Cost is $5 per night per attendee. 

In Session Fundamentals,  players will gain the basic vocabulary of session tunes, rhythms, and styles, through the method of learners teaching learners.

Each class, a tune (or part of a tune) will be carefully presented and gone over, phrase by phrase, until participants have a strong grasp of the tune and feel comfortable going forward. A basic tune list will gradually be built up, until players have the tools necessary to enter any session.

Eventually players will be encouraged to bring in tunes that they wish to teach to others, following the “slow and steady” method. All along the way we’ll be emphasizing how Irish Music binds the community together into a unique social gathering.

Note: Although the Session Fundamentals Class will not be able to teach the basics of music to absolute beginners, resource information (teachers of Irish music, etc.) will be made available to those who are eager to begin on this exciting and enriching path.

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Tim Norris
Tim NorrisSession Fundamentals Facilitator
I fell in love with traditional Irish music when I first heard the Chieftains play. Once I heard that sound, I was hooked. For years I followed the music as a listener, always planning to learn how to play “someday.” I finally took the plunge and began studying the whistle and the Uilleann pipes. I try to maintain a “beginner’s mind” and I’d like to share what I’ve learned with you.