Our charity project this year was to make winter items to hang at Browne’s in hopes that we could help those who need a hat or scarf to keep warmer this winter would come by and pick out one they like and use it for several years to come.  6 of us met at Browne’s Irish Market (where the items are hung on their fence), had lunch and then hung the items on the fence.  It was a beautiful sunny day and we hung 56 items, we have about that many or more to hang in a few weeks.  Stay tuned as we choose our 2020 charity project and post our needs here next month.  As always if you have yarn you feel you need to find a new home for we will gladly accept it. We only use acrylic for our charity projects, however we can use any yarn you want to donate.

60 items were hung for the second round.  Thanks to everyone who donated yarn and made items.