Aug 3rd is the next meeting of Mrs Wilson’s Knitting Circle.   We meet six times a year on a Saturday morning for an hour and pick up WW1 patterns, along with a lecture about some topic during that timeframe.  Did you know there are even knitting songs?  The lectures are sometimes about the knitted garments, hand embroidered post cards, recipes, the ladies who worked in the ammo plants, the garment district right here in KC, inventions during the war, and many other topics.  Each one brings a new learning adventure about the War and you get to meet other crafters from around the city.

The lecture is free, but you do have to sign up and get a ticket.  They can be found here:  If you think you might want to attend go ahead and get your ticket.  I always get all my tickets when I can in case they fill up.  Come join us and learn about why we have the museum and what went on during the war.