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April 4:  Modern Art of the 1910’s and 1920’s
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June 6:  Digitization of documents, and how they are processed
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Oct 3:  MCC Professor discuss JC Nichols and LIberty Memorial

Dec 5:

Dec 5th Mrs Wilsons is on Zoom again. Go to the WW1 website, select visit, then events and scroll down to Mrs Wilsons, follow the arrow to rsvp.

This month, Distinguished Professor of History at Utah State University, Dr. Tammy Proctor, joins for a discussion on women’s humanitarian work in WWI. An army of American women descended upon devastated French villages during the First World War. Individuals and organizations, many of whom had gained experience in Progressive-era programs at home, created a testing ground for experts in education, social welfare, nutrition and home economics. One of their signal achievements focused on creating workshops for unemployed women, which provided paid work experience in handicrafts such as sewing. This short talk will look at such programs in action