We are about halfway through the sock class.  The yarn is so pretty and while knitting it up it can completely change the look.  So why make socks.  Whenever someone asks me why I make something when I can go to Wal-Mart and buy it, I always answer why not?  There is nothing better than getting in the zone of knitting and tuning out the world.  You think about it you have these tiny sticks of wood or metal and string.  When done putting them together you have a pair of socks.  Honestly things that you buy just don’t last that long.  My dishcloths are over 10 years old and still going.

Making your own socks is not for the faint of heart, however you have a one of a kind creation that no one else will ever have.  It fits you perfectly.  It keeps your mind working, it gives you the satisfaction of making a pair of socks.  Tell someone you make our own socks and you become a superstar.  People will stare at you for hours while you move around those pointy little sticks. Know what is even better most people on an airplane will be so busy staring at you that they won’t talk to you.  They are in awe.

So come back often to see the socks as we knit along in class.  Everyone is at different stages and you can see the light bulb come on at the various stages.  Come back often as I post progress pictures.

Sandy finished her first sock.  It looks great and the fit is great as well.  She has now finished her first pair, they fit great and she has new socks to wear this winter. Now on to the next pair.

Marlene has finished her socks.  They look great and how fun are the 2 socks being so different.

Jan (Sinead) has finished her first sock and is on her way to working on the 2nd one.

Sharon has finished her socks and they look great.


If you want to maximize your sock knitting try this: